National Connections

SyT’s dynamic network enables us to offer special services to meet the needs of our customers.


We have an extensive network in Argentina, in which our proprietary infrastructure coexists with that of our Partners, enabling the connection of almost every location in the country. In this way, we provide quality services in Lan 2 Lan transport, Layer 2, MPLS, Connections within our Datacenter differentiating National traffic from International traffic.

Empower your project with our national network

Direct Access to the Internet

National and international connectivity

IP Transit


SyT provides a service to connect your network with the rest of the world, through its providers with international presence.

SyT has various TIER 1 international transit providers. In this way, through its ASN and IP addresses, it provides connectivity solutions to the network operators in the country. Providing it both in its Datacenter as in any point in its network.

International connectivity from Argentina to take your company to the world.

CDNs in Argentina

SyT has a National CDN, with more than 50 nodes spread throughout Argentina, completely interconnected, which is available to bring the networks and content closer to the final users, providing a better experience and saving in broadband costs.


  • Buenos Aires
  • Córdoba
  • Corrientes
  • Entre Ríos
  • Río Negro
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Fe
  • Tucumán
  • y muy pronto más nodos…

Accelerate your project with our CDN (Content Delivery Network) in Argentina.

Carrier services

SyT provides Carrier service within its network to various Naps or IXPs in the hinterland. The different networks connected to the Internet Traffic Exchange Points in Argentina can use the SyT services to reach networks connected to another IXP in the country. In this way, through its ASN and IP addresses, SyT provides connectivity solutions to different network operators in the country.

We provide transport services all over the country.

Why choose SYT Connectivity?

25 Years’ History
Well-trained staff
Wide National coverage
Network reliability
Prioritized traffic
Shorter installation time